Mission Accomplished

Well folks, its been an exhausting season, but I’m glad to announce that our work here at summit is complete for the 2013 season. Although the initial threat of bad weather made it seem like we weren’t going to complete our objectives, the whole team pulled through and we ended up accomplishing our task well ahead of schedule. As a matter of fact, we finished in such good time that 6 members of the team were able to catch the flight out of summit a few days ago and are flying back to NY today. Myself and two of the drillers stuck around to bang out the last few meters of core we needed, and that was finished gracefully just the other day. We spent the past two days breaking down camp and ferrying our cargo back to summit via skidoos, all in time to catch the flight out tomorrow (two days ahead of schedule!). We’ll still have some time to relax at summit and in kanger before getting back to the real world.

Thanks for reading our blog. Once I return to the states I’ll be able to upload more photos and even some video to give everyone a real feel for what its like to work up on the icecap.