Packing for Taylor Glacier, Antarctica

Hello everyone!  Its a busy time over in Rochester these days.  Just this week, we shipped off the majority of our remaining cargo to Port Hueneme, California where it will begin its voyage to the antarctic continent via Christchurch, New Zealand.  Here’s a photo of the lab during the last hectic days of our packing:


Our lab is really messy when we’re packing for a field expedition

And here’s Michael sitting glad to be finished packing boxes and staging the pallets to be loaded onto an ABF Freight truck.


Michael sitting atop a pallet of scientific cargo

Next time we’ll see all of this equipment again will be in McMurdo station, Antarctica, where the weather will definitely not be 95 degrees and sunny as it was the past two days in September.

Heres to hoping our gear makes the trip down south safe & sound!



Media Outreach

In other news, Our lab has been in a bit of media spotlight over the past summer.  First, Vas & I were featured by the university’s media production team in a 3 minute video about our expedition to Summit station in May 2013:

Additionally, our Junior undergraduate student Avery Pallardy was featured in an article in the Boston Globe about our upcoming season to Taylor Glacier, Antarctica.  Check out the article here.

Lost of fun things happening here, stay tuned for more!