Settling in and sending the first traverse up the dome

(200 words, 1 minute read)

We have now been at Casey Station for nearly three full days, and have realized that our advance team from the Australian Antarctic Division—Sharon and Jose—have been very busy! They had already prepped two gargantuan sleds, full of camp and science cargo, for traversing up Law Dome (see below).


^ Sharon and Jose with their tractor train to haul up Law Dome.

Yesterday, Monday, November 12, Sharon, Jose and field trainer Anthea headed up the dome with this first load of cargo, which represents a significant portion of the cargo that we need to build our camp more than 100km from station. They are returning from the trip in a few hours.

Any time you arrive at a small Antarctic research station, a significant portion of the first few days goes into getting to know base operations and becoming a safe and helpful part of the community. Casey is a station of about 80 people right now, and in such a small community everyone really needs to pitch in to get all the work done and take care of one another. So far, our experience here has been very warm and friendly, with absolutely spectacular support of our science project! See some photos of the station, below.

^Scenes from Casey, including the station signpost, the main “Red Shed” building, and the field store.


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