RochesterIceLab on the radio

Hello everyone.  Last week, Vas and I were invited to speak on the monthly science roundtable show on the local NPR affiliate: WXXI.  Evan Dawson invited us on his show to speak about a recent publication based on N2O isotopes which Vas was a contributing author on, as well as the goings on with our lab and the science we are pursuing.  A recording of the show is available for listening here.



Media Outreach

In other news, Our lab has been in a bit of media spotlight over the past summer.  First, Vas & I were featured by the university’s media production team in a 3 minute video about our expedition to Summit station in May 2013:

Additionally, our Junior undergraduate student Avery Pallardy was featured in an article in the Boston Globe about our upcoming season to Taylor Glacier, Antarctica.  Check out the article here.

Lost of fun things happening here, stay tuned for more!